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Production Partners

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Available Stores

  • Etsy

  • TikTok Shop

  • PicFair


Production partners

  • Snapfish UK Limited

     United Kingdom

Snapfish provides me the opportunity to use their wide range of products as a template to turn my art into gifts for my customers. I have personally used Snapfish to help me print my photos & paintings for my project proposals during College & University.

  • Zazzle

     United States

As a Zazzle Creator, I upload my artwork onto their templates and earn up to 15% in royalties when you purchase products from their business that I have placed my artwork onto. Zazzle is similar to Snapfish but has a wider range of product templates for me to experiment with.

  • Stickermule

       United Kingdom

We print our Rose Membership Badges via Stickermule for you to earn when you do a genrious act via CatherineMichelleR.

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