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Earn the Patreon Rose membership badge by donating on Ko-Fi!


Earn a free digital ebook copy of either a Photography book or Essay book by donating on Patreon or Ko-Fi! 


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Ko-Fi Memberships

Support CatherineMichelleR through Ko-Fi to help elevate the business and earn special gifts at the same time.

The Tier options include:

  • Patreon Rose Membership (£5/month)

  • Further Than Space [Auckland] (£10/month)

  • Self Publishing with Publishing Push (£50/month for 50 Patreons)



 @CatherineMichelleR Ko-Fi allows you to donate and receive rewards for your generous donations.


  • Patreon Rose Membership 

Ko-Fi gives me the opportunity to share my old artowork and screenshots of my work process so inspiring artists, no matter what art form they decide to progress in.

Subscribe to this Tier list to receive a cute rose membership badge - along with gaining a monthly visual documentation on my old artwork during my time in both art classes in secondary school and my art and craft courses in college.  

  • Self Publishing with Publishing Push 

This is an incredibly generous donation from you so please make sure you really care about this project before deciding to donate this amount of money, but it would be highly appreciated.


In return for this highly generous donation you will receive a free digital ebook copy of one of the books of choice once they're published.

The limit here is only up to thirty patreons. Once all thirty patreons receive their free ebook copy this tier will be closed!

  • Further Than Space [Auckland]

In relation to my Self Publishing Books Tier, I am currently trying to publish both my photography and Essay books based on my self-discovery journey in Auckland, New Zealand in 2019.


I have many colourful behind-the-scenes photographs that I did not include in the final print as they either drifted away from the main narrative of the book's main themes, or they did not provide the best quality in compassion to my final photos.


However, I believe that these photographs still do hold a lot of value for those individuals that wish to see a more vernacular photographer's perspective.

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