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Rose Membership Badges

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PayPal Donate

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

  • National Trust

  • Floral Angels

  • Honeypot

Production Partners (Snapfish)

  • Folded Cards - £0.05 to Macmillan Cancer Support!🎗

Fundraising (Instagram)

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Fundraising (TikTok)

  • Conservation International


Rose Membership Badges

*Each badge is printed by Sticker Mule and delivered to you free of charge as a thank you.*

Welcome Rose

Earn the Welcome Rose member badge by subscribing to our newsletter

  • Receive decorative emails on current sales during the holidays!​​

  • Be welcomed into the Membership Team with a Welcome Rose Pin Badge as a gift free of charge!

Etsy Rose

Earn the Etsy Rose membership badge by making a purchase on Etsy!

  • When you make your first purchase and send a five star review you will receive the Etsy Rose member badge free of charge!

PayPal Rose

Earn the PayPal Rose membership badge by donating on PayPal.Me!

  • Regular donations goes towards up-keeping 

  • You will receive the PayPal Rose membership badge free of charge.​​

Generous Rose

Earn the Generous Rose membership badge by donating on PayPal Donate 20%!

  • Donate to both CatherineMichelleR and a nature charity of choice.

  • Donate in fundraising opportunities

Patreon Rose

Earn the Patreon Rose membership badge by donating on Patreon!

  • Regular donations goes towards the publications of projects such as book publishing for example.


  • Visiting new locations for creative opportunities to expand our creative pallet. (Including visiting different areas of the UK and other countries).

*We are currently in the process of publishing two books - a photography book and an essay book. (photographs and interviews were taken in Auckland, New Zealand). Be the first of 30 Patreons to receive a free e-book of choice by helping us get these books officially published!*

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