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Earn the Generous Rose membership badge by donating on PayPal Donate!


PayPal Donate

CatherineMichelleR connected to several nature based charities where you can donate to help to support these charities via CatherineMichlleR.

The charity options include:

  • Floral Angels

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

  • National Trust

  • Honeypot


PayPal Donate

 @CatherineMichelleR PayPal Donate allows you to donate to a nature charity of choice that supports the scientific research into preserving plants and food in the face of global pandemics across the globe.

Go to our Rose Memberships page and click on a logo to view each charities' donation page to see which one interests you.

What is PayPal Donate?

  • PayPal Donate accepts donations securely via a campaign.

  • Embed your campaign seamlessly into your website.

  • Give loyal supporters the chance to set up recurring donations.

  • An easy, low-effort way to kick off your fundraising.

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