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Purple Gifts in Floral Patterns

Chigwell, England

Catherine Michelle Rothschild

Artist, Owner, Photographer

Graduating University with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography in 2021, I am determined to create my dream job within the creative field.

Art & Craft, Child-Friendly, Nature Charities

Purple Roses are known as the 'mystical rose' unique by nature. We recreate the mystical rose effect onto everyday items to create the perfect go-to gift with a unique and personal twist.


As someone who was born in New Zealand but has grown up in the UK, I've grown up with the desire to colour my world in bright floral patterns.

I grew up wearing flower printed outfits and owning flower print accessories and dreamed of the opportunity to visit my birth country.


That opportunity happened in early December 2019, when I was tasked by my Photography course to photograph elements that are connected to my identity. Upon arriving in Auckland, I fell in love with the lush tropical island instantly - envisioning it as the brightly coloured paradise of my dreams.


Previously, the closest I found that beautiful floral paradise was during a visit to Kew Gardens a few years prier for a fashion project as I was looking to take photos for floral and foliage backgrounds.


I soon decided that since I that while I may not be-able to really physically connect with New Zealand, I can still share a digital connection to my roots. Thus I finally decided to conjure up my own vision of a lush floral island of my own through an arts and crafts store! 




Home Decor
*Canvas Prints

*Decorative Tiles
*Tea Sets
*Tree Ornaments

*Wall Clocks

Craft Supplies
*Wrapping Paper
*Ink-Printing Stamps
*Paper Confetti
*Satin Ribbons
*Greeting Cards

School Supplies
*Business Card Design

*Women's Leggings
*Bathroom Towel Sets

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